Polity Award

Each year the Northeastern Political Science Association awards the Polity Prize in recognition of the best article published in journal’s previous volume. In addition to receiving a monetary prize, the winner receives a plaque and is the Association’s guest at its annual meeting.


The following is a list of all previous Polity Prize-winning articles, listed by year.

2016 | Volume 47: 376-396
Polanyi, Hayek, and the Impossibility of Libertarian Ideal Theory
Peter Lindsay

2015 | Volume 46: 31-55
Jeremy Waldron’s Partial Kant: Indigenous Proximity, Colonial Injustice, Cultural Particularism
Jimmy Casas Klausen

2014 | Volume 45: 318-346
Possessions Forever: Thucydides and Kant on Peace, War, and Politics
Gerald Mara

2013 | Volume 44: 51-80
Partisan Regimes in American Politics
Andrew J. Polsky

2012 | Volume 43: 106-127
Political Theory and Ordinary Language: A Road Not Taken
Colin Bird

2010 | Volume 42: 511-541
Government Inequality Reduction in Comparative Perspective: A Cross-National Study of the Developed World
Vincent A Mahler

2009 | Volume 41: 465-488
Conflict, Geography, and Natural Resources: The Political Economy of State Predation in Africa
Cameron G Thies

2009 Honorable mention | Volume 41: 30-62
Beyond the “Countermajoritarian Difficulty”: Lessons From Contemporary Democratic Theory
Scott E Lemieux and David J Watkins

2008 | Volume 40: 49-69
Insurgency Campaigns and the Quest for Popular Democracy: Theodore Roosevelt, Eugene McCarthy, and Party Monopolies
Daniel Tichenor and Daniel Fuerstman

2007 | Volume 39: 1-28
Domestic War: Locke’s Concept of Prerogative and Implications for U.S. “Wars” Today
Kathleen Arnold

2006 | Volume 38: 447-477
The Republic of the Moderns: Paine’s and Madison’s Novel Liberalism
Andreas Kalyvas and Ira Katznelson