Section Chairs

American Politics

All aspects of American Politics that are related to the following themes: legislative studies, presidency, interbranch relations, American political development, state and local politics, federalism, parties, interest groups, social movements, political behavior, elections, and public opinion.

Domingo Morel
New York University
[email protected]

Adam Silver
Emmanuel College
[email protected]

Modern & Contemporary Political Theory

Machiavelli to Harriet Taylor Mill, including but not limited to normative political theory and the history of ideas. We welcome proposals on political thinkers between 1500 and 1850 from outside the Western tradition

Elizabeth Amato
Gardner-Webb University
[email protected]

Danielle Hanley 
Clark University 
Ancient and Medieval Political Philosophy
All aspects of Ancient (Greek, Roman) and Medieval (Jewish, Christian, Islamic) political thought.

Greg McBrayer
Ashland University
[email protected]

Jeff Miller
SUNY New Paltz
[email protected]

Comparative Politics

All areas of comparative politics, including the politics of advanced industrial, post-communist, or developing countries; cross-regional studies; broad theoretical issues such as democratization, economic development, globalization, and ethnic and nationalist conflict are welcome.

Nayma Qayum
Manhattanville College
[email protected]

Vanessa Ruget
Salem State University
[email protected]

Judicial Politics & Public Law
All themes related to constitutional law, judicial politics, public law, law & society, and critical legal studies.

Cyril Ghosh
Clark University
[email protected] 

Ian Drake
Montclair State University
[email protected]

Identity Politics

This section welcomes papers, panels and roundtable proposals dealing with gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and religion.  Of interest are papers and panels that explore the impact of gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and religious groups on political participation and representation in various institutions Topics focusing on all areas of the world and utilizing a variety of methodological perspectives are welcome. Papers examining the interplay between any of these categories are also desired.

Ugur Altundal
Dartmouth College
[email protected]

Elena Gambino
Rutgers University  
International Relations

All topics in international relations broadly defined, including international relations theory, international law and organizations, foreign policy, globalization, human rights, human security, international development, conflict resolution, military/strategic studies, feminist theory/gender studies, and international political economy.


Yunus Sozen
Le Moyne College
[email protected]

Tony Spanakos
Montclair State University
[email protected]

Media, Popular Culture, Politics, and History

All works that explore the intersection of popular culture and politics. Especially relevant are papers that examine the ways in which film, television, literature, and music depict political institutions, affect political socialization, shape public opinion and serve as a tool for explaining concepts and fostering debate. Papers that explore popular culture as an instrument for providing context and diverse perspectives are also welcome.

Sara Grove
Duquesne University
[email protected]

Mark Sachleben
Shippensburg University
[email protected]

Public Policy & Public Administration
All topics in public policy and public administration.

Guy Bellino
Salem State Universit
[email protected]

Carl Taylor
Walsh University
[email protected]

Teaching, Learning, and the Profession
All aspects of undergraduate and graduate teaching, especially in the areas of integrating technology into the curriculum, the use of cooperative and collaborative learning techniques, and experiential learning. Proposals are also welcome on the future of the profession and on professional education in political science, including approaches to preparing new professionals for academic and non-academic positions.
Chris Cook
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
[email protected]
Undergraduate Research
An opportunity for promising undergraduate political science students to experience a professional academic conference and to contribute to our understanding of politics while showcasing outstanding research. Individual and collaborative papers in any area of political science are welcome. Proposals should include contact information of the faculty sponsor of the research.
Paula Holoviak
Kutztown University
[email protected]