General Council

The NPSA General Council consists of 11 members, who are elected by the general membership to two-year terms.  Of the 11 members, one seat is reserved for an untenured faculty member; one seat is reserved for a graduate student in at least the second year of an accredited Ph.D. program; one seat is reserved for each of the four state or regional associations that constitute the geographical base of the Association for a total of four seats.  The remaining five seats are elected at-large from the general membership, and any NPSA member may seek election to the General Council.

For more information on the General Council, refer to the NPSA Constitution in “About” in the top menu of this website.

2019-2021 General Council


Nayma Qayum
New York State Political Science Association
Manhattanville College

Brigid Harrison
New Jersey Political Science Association
Montclair University

E. Brooke Harlowe
Pennsylvania Political Science Association
Lock Haven University


Kimberly S. Adams
East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania

Bruce Caswell
Rowan University (Emeritus);

Steven A. Peterson
Penn State Harrisburg

Anthony Petros Spanakos
Montclair State University


Christopher R. Binetti
Middlesex County College

Daniel Mallinson
Penn State Harrisburg


Andrew Jenks
University of Delaware