2021 NPSA Best Paper Awards

Wilson Carey McWilliams Best Graduate Student Paper in Political TheoryRule MajorityBrian Palmiter, Harvard University,Sophie Prangle, Harvard University, “Thumos in Plato’s Epistemic Critique of the Arts”.Wilson Carey McWilliams Best Faculty Paper in Political TheoryOlympus as Hades: Plato and the Homeric ParmenidesAlex Priou, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Franco Mattei Best Graduate Student Paper in American Politics, Political Parties, and ElectionsSocial Mediated Democracy: The Role Platforms Play in Political Conversation & ParticipationBenjamin Burnley, Georgetown University (Lead Author)Jason Reineke, Middle Tennessee State University (Co-authored).Pi Sigma Alpha Best PaperFeeling Like a Winner? Coalition Status and Democratic Satisfaction in Latin AmericaCecilia Martinez-Gallardo, UNC Chapel HillMatthew Singer, UCONN.Lanahan Best Grad Student Paper Threat perception and Support for Democracy in Authoritarian SettingsNamig Abassov, Arizona State.Jerry Mileur Award for the Best Paper in American Politics Blinded by the White (Nationalism): How Separatist Ideologies Lead People to Discount Non-Conflictual Threats to Society

  • Amanda Graham, Georgia Southern University
  • Justin T. Pickett, SUNY at Albany
  • Francis T. Cullen, University of Cincinnati
  • Cheryl Lero Jonson, Xavier University
  • Murat Haner, University of South Florida
  • Melissa M. Sloan, University of South Florida