The 52nd Annual Conference

              Goes Online 

     Saturday, Nov. 7, 2020


The Northeastern Political Science Association is one of the leading regional professional organizations in the United States for the study of politics. Every year, at its Annual Conference, the NPSA brings together hundreds of political scientists from all fields of study and from all parts of the United States and the world for the purpose of enhancing and expanding their knowledge of politics. It also organizes a book exhibit and offers awards for the best papers presented at the conference. Our website, besides its focus on the upcoming conference, offers also useful information on research and job opportunities, a Newsletter, a gallery of photos of past conferences, and more. You are invited to visit all our links and to consider participating in our future conferences as a paper presenter, panel organizer, panel chair or discussant, or just by simply attending. NPSA publishes the distinguished, peer-reviewed journal Polity.

The 52nd Annual Conference Goes Virtual on Saturday, November 7, 2020.

Join us for an exciting series of of live and pre-recorded panels, a keynote presentation and a live introduction of the new team of editors of our journal Polity.  Read more...

NPSA Statement Against Systemic Racism In American Society

The Northeastern Political Science Association stands with the American Political Science Association and other academic and professional associations in recognizing and condemning the manifestations of systemic racism that pervade American society and result in the disparate treatment of people of color and whites. The deaths of unarmed people of color at the hands of police; the discriminatory enforcement of laws, and the militarization of police departments that led to their deployment of so-called less “lethal weapons” against their fellow citizens who are peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights, should shock all Americans. We must also acknowledge that systemic racism has resulted in the inequality of opportunity that exists in many professions, including our own. Read the NPSA’s full statement here.

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Friends of NPSA

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2018 Conference

In 2018, the 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting was on November 8-10 at the Hotel Bonaventure in Montreal, Canada

2019 Conference

Our 51st Conference was on Nov. 7-9, 2019 at the Wyndham Philadelphia Historic District Hotel. Pennsylvania.

Next Conference

Our 53rd Conference will be held in Boston, MA, at the Omni Parker House Hotel, November 11-13, 2021.