Past NPSA Awards


Philadelphia, 2017

2016 Polity Prize winner Rollin Tusalem, Arkansas State (center) with Roger Karapin, Polity editor-in-chief of Polity (left), and Mark Sachleben, President of NPSA (right).


Polity Prize
Christina Xydias (Clarkson University), “Citizens, Domestic Institutions, and International Organizations: Recent Financial Crises in Greece and Ireland” 

Pi Sigma Alpha/NPSA Best Paper Award
Paulo Marcio Cavallo de Oliveira (University of Texas at Dallas), “When FDI Increases in the Absence of BITs: A Synthetic Control Approach”

McWilliams Best Graduate Student Paper in Theory
Isak Tranvik (Duke University), “Vaclav Havel and the Ontology of Nonviolence”

McWilliams Best Faculty Paper in Theory
Robinson Woodword-Burns (Howard University), “Emerson on Self-Reliance, Slavery, and Constitutional Reform”

Best Paper on Identity Politics
Jennifer Erkulwater (University of Richmond), “Identity Among Peoples with Disabilities, 1935-1950”

Lanahan Best Graduate Student Paper
Jacob D. Fraher (Creighton University), “Ethnic Violence and Political Arenas: Explaining the Formation of Conflict Networks in Sub-Saharan Africa”


2016 Best Lanahan Graduate Student Paper
“Political Machines, Mixed Electoral System, and Gender: Challenges for Continuing Political Career for South Korean Female National Legislators”
Young-Im Lee, University of Missouri-St. Louis


Best Pi Sigma Alpha Paper
“Prejudice and Party Support in the Obama Era”
Jonathan Knuckey, University of Central Florida

Best Women & Politics Paper
“Europeanizing Portugal: Impacts on the Relationship Between the Executive and the Women’s Movement”
Daniela Melo, Connecticut College

Best Female Political Scientist Paper
“Of Terrorism Types and Countermeasures: No One Size Fits All”
Dorle Hellmuth, The Catholic University of America

Best Lanahan Graduate Student Paper
“After Victory: The Impact of Divergent Marriage Equality Discourses on Movement Opportunities”
Julie Hollar, CUNY Graduate Center

Best McWilliams Faculty Paper in Political Theory
“Preliminary Remarks on the Study of Political or Latin Averroism”
Joseph C. Macfarland, St. John’s College

Best McWilliams Graduate Student Paper in Political Theory
“Donations and Democracy”
Ted Lechterman, Princeton University

The Polity Prize Winner (Volume 46: 31-55)
Jeremy Waldron’s Partial Kant: Indigenous Proximity, Colonial Injustice, Cultural Particularism
Jimmy Casas Klausen

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