Walking Tour of the Old Montreal

Walking Tour of the Old City

Starting at nightfall, this visit will allow you to discover the history of Montreal differently by strolling through one of the largest circuits of projections in the world. Your guide will lead you through the streets and alleys of Old Montreal where you will view some of the nocturnal tableaux of Cité Mémoire (such as the one above) and will learn about Montréal’s heritage and history.

This event is available for an additional cost ($20). It is included on the conference registration form as an optional item (available on September 1). You can pre-register for it when you register for the conference or later.

It may choose either of the two dates:
– Friday, November 9 at 6:30-8 PM
– Saturday, November 10 at 6:30-8 PM

The guided tour is organized by Montreal en Histoires 514 666-1861 Email: info@montrealenhistoires.com

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