MPT-4 The Moral Psychology of Smith and Hume

November 11, 2016 at 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Room -- Whittier
Panel Chair -- Douglas Jarvis, Independent Scholar, 
Panel Discussant -- Derval Ryan, McGill University, 

Name: Caleb Chaplin
Paper Title: Scepticism in Times of Recalcitrant Politics: Hume's Response to Partisan Demands
Institution: Carleton University

Name: Lincoln Rathnam
Paper Title: The Sprouts of Humanity: David Hume and Mencius on the Family and the Affective Basis of Moral and Political Community
Institution: University of Toronto

Name: Thomas Redden
Paper Title: "A Buddhist politics: the role of suffering/dukkha in assessing good government."
Institution: Southern Vermont College

Name: Aaron Szymkowiak
Paper Title: Of Strangers and Violence: Smith on Justice and the Retributive Impulse
Institution: Xavier University

Name: Lisa Vetter
Paper Title: Adam Smith's Literary Sympathies
Institution: University of Maryland, Baltimore County