CPT-2 Reflections on History and the Cosmos

November 11, 2016 at 8:45 AM - 3:15 PM

Room -- Holmes  
Panel Chair -- Elizabeth Amato, Gardner Webb University, eamato@Gardner-Webb.edu
Panel Discussant -- John McMahon, Beloit College, nathan_orlando@baylor.edu

Name: Matthew Dinan
Paper Title: Kierkegaard's Ironic Alternative to Hegel in Fear and Trembling
Institution: St. Thomas University (Canada)

Name: Michael Feola
Paper Title: Vulnerability and Violence: Hegelian Reflections
Institution: Lafayette College

Name: Stan Molchanov
Paper Title: Observations on Late Modern Historiography
Institution: Catholic University of America

Name: Judith Swanson
Paper Title: Three Conceptions of a Third Realm: Strauss's Natural Right, Nagel's Teleological Monism, and Scruton's Lebenswelt
Institution: Boston University