PPPA-3 Major Issues in Public Policy

November 10, 2016 at 8:45 AM - 3:15 PM

Room -- Gardner
Panel Chair -- John Kilwein, West Virginia University, jkilwein@wvu.edu
Panel Discussant -- Courtney Broscious, Eastern Connecticut State University, brosciousc@easternct.edu

Name: Kattalina Berriochoa
Paper Title: Analyzing Tax Preferences for Education
Institution: University of Massachusetts, Boston

Name: Anthony Del Signore
Paper Title: Morality and United States Foreign Policy: Framing Debates about Human Rights
Institution: Temple University

Name: Christopher Mcmillan
Paper Title: The Politics of Coal in the Current Federal Election Environment
Institution: Bridgewater State University

Name: SooJin Song
Paper Title: The Absence of Government Regulations and Corporate Irresponsibility: A Lesson From the Humidifier Scandal in South Korea
Institution: University of Delaware

Name: Linda St.Cyr
Paper Title: PA Core: Do Common Core Standards Prepare Seniors for Higher Education in the Pennsylvania State System of Education?
Institution: East Stroudsburg University