IR-9 Issues in International Political Economy

November 12, 2016 at 10:45 AM - 5:15 PM

Room -- Hawthorne
Panel Chair -- Mehmet Ondur, Wayne State University,
Panel Discussant -- William Davis, Walsh University, 
Panel Discussant -- Steven Livingston, Middle Tennessee State University,

Name: John D'Attoma
Paper Title: More Bang For Your Buck: An Experimental Comparative Analysis of Tax Compliance
Institution: European University Institute

Name: Sergei Kostiaev
Paper Title: Ramifications of U.S. Sanctions on Crimea's Development
Institution: Financial University

Name: Steven Livingston
Paper Title: ‘Factors of Production’ as an Analytic Tool in Political Economy: How Much Can They Really Tell Us?
Institution: Middle Tennessee St. University

Name: Xing Lu
Paper Title: What Do the Numbers Say? — An Empirical Study on the Rationale behind China’s OFDI
Institution: New York University

Name: Timothy Marple
Paper Title: A Network Approach to Post-Crisis Change in Government Debt Holdings
Institution: University of Massachusetts Amherst