IR-5 Theory and its Application in International Relations

November 10, 2016 at 2:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Room -- Hawthorne
Panel Chair -- Michael Grossman, University of Mount Union,
Panel Discussant -- Michael Grossman, University of Mount Union,

Name: Jason Charrette
Paper Title: The Meek Shall Inherent the Earth: the Rise of a Religious World Order in the 21st Century
Institution: University of Connecticut

Name: William Davis
Paper Title: Realism and the Waltzean Straw Man
Institution: Walsh University

Name: Kunihiko Imai
Paper Title: Autocratic Peace vs. Democratic Peace
Institution: Elmira College

Name: Kenneth Rodman
Paper Title: When Justice Leads, Does Politics Follow? The Realist Limits of Stigmatizing War Criminals through International Prosecution
Institution: Colby College

Name: Adam Wunische
Paper Title: Civil-Military Relations: Opportunities in Structurally Indeterminate Threat Environments
Institution: Boston College