IR-2 Creating Civilization - Social Policy and Human Rights to Address Injustice

November 10, 2016 at 8:45 AM - 10:15 AM

Room -- Hawthorne
Panel Chair -- Miguel Glatzer, LaSalle University, 
Panel Discussant -- Louise Stanton, New Jersey City University,

Name: Jordy Barry
Paper Title: 'Progressive' Politics and 'Barbaric' Behaviors: The Detachment of the South African Constitution and its Protections Against Female Genital Mutilation
Institution: Rutgers University

Name: Koop Berry
Paper Title: Just Passing Through: What Happens When Refugees “Overstay”?
Institution: Walsh University

Name: Carlyn Jorgensen
Paper Title: "What A Tutsi Woman Tastes Like": Sexual Dehumanization in the Rwandan Genocide
Institution: Broward College

Name: Alyssa Webb
Paper Title: Combating Criminalization: Assessing Institutional Responses to Homelessness
Institution: University of Connecticut