IR-1 Europe and Russia in the 21st Century

November 12, 2016 at 10:45 AM - 5:15 PM

Room -- Lowell
Panel Chair -- Ginta T. Palubinskas, West Virginia State University,
Panel Discussant -- Ginta T. Palubinskas, West Virginia State University,

Name: Paul S. Adams
Paper Title: Bringing the Outside In: The European Commission’s Influence in Shaping European Union Relations with Non-Member European States
Institution: University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg

Name: Gemma Dipoppa
Paper Title: How to Make Politicians Obey: Evidence on the Strategic Use of Violence by Organized Crime
Institution: University of Pennsylvania

Name: Olga Gerasimenko
Paper Title: "What is state sovereignty after all?" (V. Putin) The Evolution and Role of Russia's Rhetoric in the UNGA Statements since 1991
Institution: University of Delaware

Name: Christopher Stevens
Paper Title: Explaining the Stability of Kazakhstan
Institution: Misericordia University

Name: Stefan Telle
Paper Title: Experimentalist Governance in Central European Cross-Border Cooperation. Bringing General (EU) Objectives and Particular (local) Needs into Harmony?
Institution: Slovak Technical University