Departments that have a job vacancy and will be represented at the meeting are encouraged to send a job description and the name of their representative. Individuals seeking employment, and who are planning to attend the meeting, should also send a C.V. by November 1. Also, in cooperation with APSA, employers and candidates are encouraged to use the Placement Service element of APSA’s E-Jobs system to arrange interviews. Through E-Jobs, employers and candidates indicate their availability for interviews during the NPSA meeting. Employers then contact the candidates to confirm attendance, and to arrange meetings at the conference. Access to the E-Jobs database is free for APSA members (individuals and departments). For more information on this service, contact:

Mark C. Gentry

Department of History and Political Science

Saint Francis University
P.O. Box 600
Loretto, PA 15940

Phone: 814-472-3059

Fax: 814-472-3937