EP-2 The Political Dynamics of Risk, Hazards, and Crisis Governance in Environmental Politics

November 10, 2016 at 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Room -- Hutchinson
Panel Chair -- Kevin Donnolley, Bridgewater State University, kevin.donnolley@bridgew.edu
Panel Discussant -- Kevin Donnolley, Bridgewater State University, kevin.donnolley@bridgew.edu

While social scientists have long explored the political dimensions of large-scale emergencies, a coherent network of political scientists dedicated to the study of risks, hazards, and crisis has crystallized in the last few decades. These individuals span virtually every subfield of the discipline, from international relations to public policy, public administration to comparative politics. With an eye toward this thriving substream of research, the proposed panel investigates the governance of risk and hazards. Papers will specifically examine risk and hazard governance from an environmental policy perspective, underscoring the various discursive, structural, and political mechanisms that drive policy change in an array institutional settings.

Name: Guy Bellino
Paper Title: Biotechnology and Competing Sociotechnical Imaginaries: Dystopian Prophecy versus Positive Futurists and how Narrative Informs Policy
Institution: Salem State University

Name: Christopher Bosso
Paper Title: Regulating a Grey Area: Establishing a Safe Drinking Water Standard for Perchlorate in Massachusetts
Institution: Northeastern University

Name: Rob DeLeo
Paper Title: Analogies and Agenda Setting: Does Context Matter?
Institution: Bentley University