DT-1 Issues of Democratic Theory

November 11, 2016 at 3:45 PM - 10:15 PM

Room -- Gardner 
Panel Chair -- Jyl Josephson, Rutgers University, Newark, jylj@rutgers.edu 
Panel Discussant -- Jyl Josephson, Rutgers University, Newark, jylj@rutgers.edu

Name: Christopher Kennedy
Paper Title: Is Electronic Disobedience Civil?
Institution: Duke University

Name: Aidan Kestigian
Paper Title: Voting to Promote the Common Good: Two Mechanisms for Deliberative Democratic Voting
Institution: Carnegie Mellon University

Name: Guido Parietti
Paper Title: What Deliberative Democracy can Be. Or: the Turns that Were not
Institution: Columbia University

Name: Naomi Scheinerman
Paper Title: Deciding the Fundamental Questions of Humanity: Moral and Science Experts v. the Average Human
Institution: Yale University

Name: Eniola Anuoluwapo Soyemi
Paper Title: Testing Participation: A Lagos Transportation Experiment
Institution: Boston University