CPC-6 Judicial Power, Rights, Race

November 12, 2016 at 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Room -- Lowell
Panel Chair -- Brian Disarro, California State University, Sacramento, disarrob@csus.edu
Panel Discussant -- John C. Kilwein, West Virginia University, jkilwein@wvu.edu 

Name: Ross Dardani
Paper Title: Guam as a Ship: Using Critical Race Theory’s Interest-Convergence to Examine the Legal Histories of Citizenship Legislation for Guam
Institution: University of Connecticut

Name: Eunseong Oh
Paper Title: Minorities within Minorities and Judicialization: Defectors’ Group and Individual Rights in Divided Korea and Germany
Institution: New York University

Name: Mishella Romo
Paper Title: Governability, Judicial Power, and Legitimacy in Hybrid Regimes: The Case of Venezuela
Institution: Montclair State University

Name: Anthony Spanakos
Paper Title: Constitutional and Democratic Politics Revisited: Understanding Political Change in Brazil and Venezuela
Institution: Montclair State University

Name: Yile Zhang
Paper Title: Why the CCP Cares about Amending the Constitution?
Institution: Department of Politics, New York University