CP-6 Comparative Studies of the Consequences of Public Policy

November 10, 2016 at 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Room -- Stowe
Panel Chair -- Azzedine Layachi, St. John's University, LAYACHIA@stjohns.edu
Panel Discussant -- Andrea Kent, West Virginia University, Andrea.Kent@mail.wvu.edu


Name: Laura Blume
Paper Title: Exporting Crime: The Impact of US Criminal Deportations to Central America and the Caribbean
Institution: Boston University

Name: Fred Cocozzelli
Paper Title: Social Policy Reform and the Conflict in Ukraine
Institution: St. John's University

Name: Miguel Glatzer
Paper Title: Seasonal Guest Worker Regimes: Why Reforms in the EU but not in the US?
Institution: LaSalle University

Name: Azzedine Layachi
Paper Title:

Name: Claire Seungeun Lee
Paper Title: The Emergence of International Migrants and Social Governance in Urban China: Governmentality with Chinese Characteristics
Institution: UMass Boston