CP-5 Issues in Representation and Justice

November 12, 2016 at 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Room -- Hutchinson
Panel Chair -- Paul Simon Adams, University of Pittsburgh, Greensburg, padams@pitt.edu 
Panel Discussant -- Fred Cocozzelli, St. John’s University, cocozzef@stjohns.edu
Panel Discussant -- Binneh Minteh, New York University, bsm235@nyu.edu

Name: Michael Greenberg
Paper Title: Agent and Structure: A Developing Theory of Leadership in Representative Government
Institution: Shippensburg University

Name: Craig Lang
Paper Title: The Impact of Transitional Justice on the Development of the Rule of Law
Institution: Florida International University

Name: Andre Lecours
Paper Title: The Political Consequences of Self-Determination Referendums in Liberal-Democracies: Québec, Scotland, Catalonia and Puerto Rico.
Institution: University of Ottawa

Name: Ahmed Zohny
Paper Title: Transition to Democracy– Judicial Independence and the Rule of Law in Egypt after the Arab Spring
Institution: Coppin State University, 2500 W. North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21216