CP-1 Religion and Politics in Comparative Perspective

November 12, 2016 at 1:15 PM - 7:45 PM

Room -- Whittier  
Panel Chair -- Brian Mello, Muhlenberg College, BMello@muhlenberg.edu
Panel Discussant -- Scott Bledsoe, New York University, asb668@nyu.edu

Name: Sayeed Ahmed
Paper Title: Can Islamists be Secularized? Religion and Politics in Urban Bangladesh
Institution: American Public University System

Name: Yasser El-Shimy
Paper Title: Unveiling the Gun: Why Praetorian Armies Decide to Rule, The Case of Egypt (2011-2013)
Institution: Boston University

Name: Jane Hagan
Paper Title: Ideology and the Militant: “Constructivism,” “Honor” Politics, and the Mis-Categorization of the Islamic Extremist Militant Actor
Institution: Rutgers University

Name: S. Mohsin Hashim
Paper Title: Elite Competition as a Source of Illiberal Democracy: The Case of Bangladesh
Institution: Muhlenberg College