CPT-4 Contemporary Postmodern Politics

November 11, 2016 at 10:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Room --  Longfellow  
Panel Chair -- Matthew Dinan, St. Thomas University (Canada), mdinan@stu.ca
Panel Discussant -- Laci Hubbard-Mattix, Washington State University, laci.hubbard@wsu.edu
Panel Discussant -- Nathan Jun, Midwestern State University, nathan.jun@mwsu.edu
Panel Discussant -- Stan Molchanov, Catholic University of America , 10molchanov@cua.edu 

Name: Kristen Collins
Paper Title: Retrieving Charisma: A Weberian Critique of Charles Taylor's Solutions to the Malaises of Modernity
Institution: Georgetown University

Name: Romulus Maier
Paper Title: Existentialist Politics: Václav Havel and the Redemption of Heideggerian Political Thought and Practice
Institution: University of Connecticut

Name: Nathan Orlando
Paper Title: Power and States: Toward a Foucaultian Approach to International Relations
Institution: Baylor University

Name: Adam Sandel
Paper Title: Violence: Beyond Body Counts
Institution: Harvard University