AMPP-6 Virtue, Religion, and Politics in Platonic Philosophy

November 12, 2016 at 1:15 PM - 7:45 PM

Room -- Alcott A
Panel Chair -- Anna Schmidt, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich
Panel Discussant -- Carly Herold, SUNY Geneseo,


Plato's Socrates makes virtue the central theme of his philosophic investigations.  But the political and religious context and character of the Socratic project creates a challenge for the unfettered questioning required by philosophy.  The papers on this panel explore the balance between incisive critique and defensive rhetoric struck by Socrates in his examinations of justice, the noble, the good, piety, and the gods presented in Plato's Cleitophon, Republic, Philebus, and Statesman.  Each paper thereby contributes to the project of elucidating the original meaning of political philosophy, with respect both to its subject and its inevitable political consequences.

Name: Thomas Cleveland
Paper Title: The Eleatic Stranger's Critique of Divine Law and Socratic Dialectic
Institution: Boston College

Name: Erik Dempsey
Paper Title: Thumos in Plato's Repubilc Book IV
Institution: University of Texas at Austin

Name: Ariel Helfer
Paper Title: The Philosophic "Defense" of Virtue: Socrates' Adventures in Athenian Quicksand in the "Cleitophon" and "Republic"
Institution: Michigan State University

Name: Daniel O'Toole
Paper Title: Plato's Philebus and the Challenge of Hedonism
Institution: University of Texas at Austin