AMPP-13 Historical Inquiries and the Ancient World

November 10, 2016 at 3:45 PM - 10:15 PM

Room -- Brandeis
Panel Chair -- John Hungerford, Boston College, 
Panel Discussant -- John Hungerford, Boston College,

Name: Daniel Blanchard
Paper Title: The Historian Polybius’ Political Perspective and the Theory of Mixed Government
Institution: Fay School

Name: David Fott
Paper Title: Cicero on the Order of Rank between Theoretical and Practical Wisdom
Institution: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Name: Ryan McKinnell
Paper Title: The Limits of Statesmanship: Sallust, Cicero, and the Catiline Conspiracy
Institution: Concordia University

Name: Raul Rodriguez
Paper Title: The Ciceronian Turn & The Theoretical-Practical Life Controversy
Institution: Notre Dame

Name: David West
Paper Title: Cicero’s Twofold Audience in De Re Publica and his Platonic Ideal of Philosophical Politics
Institution: Boston University